Hinton First

Hinton is a vibrant, and social community!
Award winning staff of Barrow Safety.
Netty from 3 Folium Fit.
Staff of King Drug.

We are #HintonFirst;
a local movement to better Hinton, Alberta by encouraging community members to consider #HintonFirst prior to buying, selling, volunteering, or recreating.


Businesses have a large stake in our community and a role to play in developing and supporting the ideas of #HintonFirst. Customers are looking for service, selection and value from local businesses. A #HintonFirst business strives to shine in these areas, and to accept feedback from customers on how to make their experience the best it can be.

I am a business.  I want to put #HintonFirst. 

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When a resident buys locally, they are doing more than just making a purchase; they’re making an investment in their community. But #HintonFirst is also about much more than just shopping local. It’s about spending your time and your energy experiencing and supporting Hinton as your adopted or original hometown.

I am a resident.  I want to put #HintonFirst.

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Visitors to Hinton have a unique opportunity to try out what makes Hinton proud. Our community is home to a large number of shops, restaurants, and service providers that are eager for a chance at your business. As well, the recreational and outdoor opportunities offer a full itinerary of experiences for you, your family and friends. Find out how you can help to put #HintonFirst.

I am a visitor.  I want to put #HintonFirst. 

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How can I get involved?  What is a localist?

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Why #HintonFirst

#HintonFirst asks residents to consider our community first when spending their time, money, and energy. We all have a role to play in the strength of our community whether we are buying, selling, volunteering or recreating in Hinton.

Choosing to give local businesses the first chance at filling your needs helps to grow our local economy, and stimulate business growth, and provide for the support and sponsorship of local events and non-profit organizations.  Choosing to spend time enjoying Hinton’s recreational pursuits or volunteering locally models the caring and dedication that makes our town a great place to live, visit or do business in.


Many people come to Hinton for the job opportunities, but stay for the lifestyle the community offers. Centrally located to numerous parks, lakes, trails and stunning recreation spots, Hinton offers a wide range of outdoor recreational pursuits.

Hinton plays regional centre to neighbouring communities with services, amenities, education and healthcare to meet the needs of those living in the Yellowhead corridor. Hinton offers promising career opportunities in a diverse set of fields because of many strong and successful industries. Hinton’s economy includes coal mining, oil and gas, tourism, a pulp and saw mill, and forestry research and training. Jasper National Park is 15 minutes to the west of Hinton, and Edmonton is approximately 3 hours to the East; Highway 16, which runs through Hinton, makes for easy travel to either location.

Hintonites are friendly, hospitable people who are proud of the community’s heritage and accomplishments, and who warmly welcome newcomers and visitors

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